Don't Use AI for Blogs : Why You Shouldn't Use Article Generator Tools


Don't Use AI for Blogs : Why You Shouldn't Use Article Generator Tools

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Stop posting Blogs using AI tools. AI generated articles directly in you website may cause de-indexing and harm your ranking in most of the search engines.

If you are a content creator, blogger or a website owner, you may know how difficult is to create new a content for your website or blog. Here comes the article generator tools. You may wacthed lots of advertisements claiming this generated articles are plagiarism free and unique. They also offer free testing account, so that you can try and know, how easily you can generate articles with them. But using generated articles directly in you website can harm your indexing and ranking in most of the reputed search engines.

There are many free and paid AI tool that generates content instantly, such as WriteSonic, Jasper, Rytr etc. Recently in November OpenAI launches ChatBOT. All are artificial intelligence based tool.

How does Article Generator work?

Article generator tools find outs similar contents or articles available in the internet, according to you preferred keywords, then it simply create a new content with the reference. Sometimes it only replce the words with synonyms.

Advanced software such as Chat GPT, only guesses the next word for a given keyword and generates lots of text. It has mainly two parts, if you ask Chat GPT a question, the primary function prepares a bunch of answer that may or may not suits your question, and the other part of this program selects the most likely correct answer from that bunch of generated answer.

AI machines or programs don't know the reality, they can't sense or experience anything, they just have read that topic. They only try to give you a perticular information based on other informations available in the internet.

Many YouTubers and bloggers are tempting you saying, You can earn lots of money by generating content with ChatGPT. You can find lots of posts and videos claiming, anyone can generate a content with chat GPT and convert that content to a video or blog or even they can sell it on freelance platforms like fiverr.

Don't listen to them, this kind of practice will only lead you to a great loss. It is clearly mentioned in Google's August 2022 Helpful Content Update, Google does not encourage artificial intelligence generated article or content to rank on search results.

If you post generated content, it will not only effect that particular post or page, it will effect your entire website. You will notice a sudden drop in your traffic coming from google search. Even after removing that generated article it may take several months to revive your previous position.

John Mueller, Google's search engine advocate, said, "according to the search engine’s webmaster guidelines, automatically generated contents using an AI writing tool is considered spam" when asked about OpenAI. You can learn more from Google Says AI Generated Content Is Against Guidelines article by Search Engine Journal.

How Google Detects Generated Article?

Facebook does a great role in terms of detecting AI generated content. Facebook's AI research team introduced BART. It is denoising autoencoder Pre-training technology for Natural Language Generation, Translation, and Comprehension. The best part is, it is an open source project. With this same denoising algorithm google can track any generated articles.

If you are facing difficulty in creating new content, you can take help of these AI tools. You can use this tool as a reference or outline of your content. But never paste the generated content as it is.


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